Measuring Accessories

To make sure you follow the recipy to the T, we offer a wide selection of tools to help you

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Apple Farm Set of Four Stoneware Measuring Cups
Add some quintessential charm to your kitchen with this set of four measuring cups set from the A..
Colourworks 3 Piece Acrylic Measuring Jug Set
This set of three acrylic measuring jugs features coloured, shaped handles for a comfortable grip..
Colourworks 4 Piece Measuring Cup Set
All you need to measure your ingredients when following recipes whilst brightening up the kitchen..
Colourworks 5 Piece Measuring Spoon Set
All you need to measure your ingredients when following recipes and brighten up your kitchen at t..
Colourworks Brights Conical Measure
Soft flexible silicone with easy view sides for or measure wet and dry ingredients up to 400m..
Colourworks Set of 6 Measuring Jugs
Ideal for use when following your recipes, this coloured transparent measuring jug features cup, ..
KitchenCraft Colour Changing Egg Timer
A simple and easy to use egg timer for cooking perfectly soft, medium and hard boiled eggs. The h..
KitchenCraft Easy Store Magnetic Measuring Cups
Each of these four cups also features dual measures. This means you can take eight different meas..
KitchenCraft Electronic Deluxe Thermometer Fork
Dual purpose carving fork, that tests the inner cooking temperatures of meat and poultry to ensur..
KitchenCraft Glass Measuring Cup
Quickly and easily measure a variety of both dry and liquid goods in grams, ounces, millimetres, ..
KitchenCraft Mechanical Add 'N' Weigh Scales 3Kg
Easy to use flat scales with a metric and imperial dial and durable transparent measuring bowl. T..
KitchenCraft One Hour Mechanical Timer
Kitchen Craft mechanical sixty minute, wind up, count down kitchen timer, with a clearly marked d..
KitchenCraft Set of 4 Glass Condiments & Preparation Bowls
Ideal for use when cooking or for serving condiments, this set of 4 preparation bowls are a great..
KitchenCraft Stainless Steel Meat Thermometer
This stainless steel meat thermometer features a stylish mirror polished stainless steel casing a..
Living Nostalgia Vintage Blue Mechanical Scales
Delightfully domestic, designed for both function and sitting beautifully on your kitchen surface..
MasterClass Cooks Timer & Thermometer
Leave nothing to chance and remove any doubt about whether meat is cooked thoroughly with this co..
MasterClass Electronic Dual Dry & Liquid Platform Scales
Beautifully contemporary, the high precision, round electronic scales feature a sensor for the ac..
MasterClass Electronic Duo Kitchen Scales
Accurately weigh a variety of liquid and dry ingredients with this high precision electronic duo ..
MasterClass Folding Cooking Thermometer
Perfect for precise cooking of beef, veal, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey, ensure you have a deli..
MasterClass Measuring Cup Set
With a deluxe copper finish, this beautifully sophisticated stainless steel set of nesting four m..
Taylor Pro Dual Food Storage Thermometer for Fridges and Freezers
If the temperature's set too high or too low, it can create an unsafe environment - one in wh..
Taylor Pro Weighing Bowl Digital Dual 5Kg Kitchen Scale
Weigh and mix in the same bowl. They feature a maximum dry capacity of 5,000 g..