Special Offer Hygiplas Chopping Boards and Knife Set

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Tough, durable, easy to clean colour coded polyethylene boards supplied with wipe-clean wall chart and plastic rack to help to organise and separate boards. PLUS colour coded knife set including: 10″ Red Cooks Knife, 8.5″ Brown Cooks Knife, 6″ Blue Fillet Knife, 6″ Red Boning Knife, 10″ Yellow Serrated Slicer, 3.5″ Brown Paring Knife and knife wallet.

Product features

  • 6 chopping boards made from a tough, durable low density polyethylene that is easy to clean.
  • A wipe-clean colour-coded wall chart indicating correct usage.
  • A stainless steel rack to keep organised.
  • Knife set includes: 10″ red cooks knife, 8.5″ brown cooks knife, 6″ blue fillet knife, 6″ red boning knife, 10″ yellow serrated slicer and 3.5″ brown paring knife.

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