KitchenCraft Healthy Eating 3 Blade Compact Fruit and Vegetable Spiralizer

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It can be tough to cut down on those starchy carbs we know just aren’t good for us. But the idea of eating leaves for the rest of our days is enough to get anyone running to the pasta shelf. If only there was a way to make our old favourites healthy …

Here’s your solution: get yourself one of these compact little spiralizers! For such a small device, it does a fantastic job of transforming all sorts of fruit and veg into spirally imitations of once-loved carbs. And it’s nice and compact, so you don’t have to re-arrange your whole cupboard to store it away after use.

Make endless loops of ‘courgetti’ and combine with cashew cream for a healthy ‘carb’onara, butternut squash noodles for a plant-based peanutty pad Thai, or spirals of carrots with cabbage and onion in a creamy avocado sauce for delicious vegan ‘raw slaw’.

It also includes a finger guard and lid to prevent any slicing mishaps – rest assured that the only thing that will get cut is your veg!


  • Twist in the handle for compact storage
  • Easy to clean and 100% food safe
  • 25 x 22 x 41.5 cm (10 x 8½ x 16½ inches)
  • Handwash only

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